Monday 1: 17 pm.

ACTIVITIES - Exercise - Swimming - Social - Fund raising et al...

We are a friendly and supportive group and organise regular fitness activities and informal social evenings...


Social, exercise and mobility:

The Mountbatten Centre charge is £3.15 for stroke survivors, payable at the desk, but no charge is made for carers. Retain your receipt for collection by a committee member of Different Strokes -  this is simply so our instructors can verify the numbers actually attending these sessions.

Access to The Mountbatten Centre

Approaching from the South: Having left the Rudmore roundabout via Twyford Avenue (first exit road from the sliproad off the southbound, M275), this takes you all the way to the venue. The road is virtually straight until it reaches the small roundabout (see photo below) at the southern end of Northern Parade whereupon Twyford Avenue takes a sharp left at the small roundabout and continues down towards the sea wall. The entrance to the Mountbatten Centre is near to the end of the Avenue, on the right.

The leading blue car is at the small roundabout where Twyford Avenue turns sharply left

Approaching from the North: From the Hilsea roundabout: incline right to enter and continue down Northern Parade; turn right at the small roundabout into the continuation of Twyford Avenue and access the venue (see photo) by turning right near the end of the road!

Having turned right into the approach road from Twyford Avenue you proceed forward, around the left hand bend then turn right into the large carpark. Against the side of the building are a multitude of 'disabled' spaces.

Another view of the Mountbatten Centre from the southwest. The white coach is covering a number of the 'disabled' spaces.

Looking from the northwest towards the main entrance


There are a multitude of disabled-parking billets (to the right of the main entrance). Go into the Main Entrance for the gymnasium and other facilities (seated-exercise and swimming). At the desk state: "I'm (name) of Different Strokes Portsmouth, attending the seated-exercise session."


The room we use for seated exercise is the Dance Studio on the lower ground floor level. Go down to 'Floor minus-1 level' in the Lift. The swimming pool changing rooms are accessed via the double-doors behind the reception desk. The gymnasium, on level 3, is accessed via the lift which is key-controlled by reception staff.  

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